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Blackmer Pump Restoration

April 18, 2022

An industrial gas supplier needed their Blackmer pump for pumping propane restored. Upon arrival, the signs of wear were obvious. The outside of the pump was weathered and corroded. It even seized up when attempting to start it. When the pump was disassembled, the inner parts, including the vanes, casing liner, rotor and head discs, also exhibited extreme wear and corrosion. Using a rebuilding kit from Blackmer Pumps, we replaced all the worn inner parts mentioned previously and gave the pump a fresh-looking white paint job. We are happy to report that the pump now runs like it was brand new!

The customer entrusted Anderson Process with the restoration work after another repair shop failed to repair the pump correctly. As an authorized service center for many of the industrial process market’s top pump manufacturers, our experienced technicians know what it takes to get the job done right. Have a pump in need of repair? Contact Anderson Process today and put your pump in the right hands.

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