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Knowledge & Insights: Gear Pumps

Viking Internal Gear Pump Overhaul

A major asphalt paving company needed their Viking KK4124A internal gear pump for pumping hot oil overhauled. The wear was evident on the rotor, shaft and the pump’s mechanical seal was leaking. The seal flush line was also not set at the correct orientation. After modifying the seal flush line, so it was set at […]

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Blackmer Gear G1-133 Pump Additions

These Blackmer Gear G1-133 pump assemblies were built for an adhesives manufacturer for processing PVA adhesives (poly vinyl alcohol). They are made of stainless steel and have 4” flanges. An addition we provided was a stainless-steel guard around the stuffing box at the customer’s request for extra protection. We also welded risers on our standard […]

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Blackmer Gear’s Between-the-Bearing System

Two Blackmer Gear (formerly EnviroGear) E series pumps featured on this skid have unique superior design features to allow longer life cycles then other mechanically sealed or seal-less internal gear pumps on the market. What creates this distinct feature, the Between-the-Bearing System, a specially designed spindle that protects the rotor and idler gear from hydraulic […]

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Tuthill Magnetically Driven External Gear Pumps

There are many different types of pump technologies that can be used for injection of different types of additives. The technology that is used for the addition of additives would depend on the types of flows, pressures, viscosities, chemical compatibility to name a few of the items that help us narrow down the proper pump […]

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