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Tuthill Magnetically Driven External Gear Pumps

October 27, 2020

There are many different types of pump technologies that can be used for injection of different types of additives. The technology that is used for the addition of additives would depend on the types of flows, pressures, viscosities, chemical compatibility to name a few of the items that help us narrow down the proper pump technology.  Here we helped a chemical manufacturer with an application of additive injection, the solution we settled on were Tuthill D & T series pumps.  The pumps are all Stainless Steel magnetically driven external gear pumps, driven by Baldor motors.  The inlet/discharges are ¼” on 3 of the pumps and 3/8” on the other 5 pumps.  The D & T Series from Tuthill can pump a flow range of .015 to 650 GPH and produces differential pressures up to 250 PSI. The magnetically driven aspect of the pumps allows for leak-free, Sealless construction to prevent your additives from getting into the environment. Let us help you with an additive injection application today.

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