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Busch Blower/Vacuum Booster Repair

April 28, 2022

A customer in the HVCR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) industry brought in their Busch WV1000 blower to be serviced. The blower or vacuum booster, resting on top of a Busch Cobra dry screw pump, was used for helium leak testing in the manufacturing process of commercial HVAC compressor systems. Debris had built up on the rotors and inside the casing, causing the blower to vibrate, make loud, persistent noises and overheat. The customer fortunately noticed these issues right away and were able to pull the blower from service, so all the major parts remained in good, reusable condition. We used an overhaul kit to replace the bearings, seals, O-rings and other common wear parts. The blower was then performance tested to make sure it had proper vacuum, no oil leaks, and temperature, amperage and vibration were at the proper levels.

Whether it’s a small maintenance task or a complete overhaul, Anderson Process approaches each repair the same way, with respect for your time and equipment. Trust the professionals and contact Anderson Process today.

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