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Blackmer Magnes Pump Skid

August 3, 2022

Here are Blackmer pump skids designed and built by our team for a chemical manufacturing company to pump solvents. The assemblies consist of Blackmer Magnes pumps coupled to Nord Gear reducers and WEG motors. The Nord Gear Reducer (between the WEG Motor and Blackmer Magnes pump) converts the high speed, low torque input from the WEG motor shaft into a low speed, high torque output at the Blackmer Magnes pump shaft. Therefore, slowing down the Blackmer Magnes pump speed and subsequently controlling the speed of the solution being pumped.

Anderson Process has decades of experience in fluid dynamics and fluid system development. Our application engineers and technicians work closely with customers to understand both their current processing issues and long-term production goals. We then design a custom skid that will streamline operations, drive efficiency and enhance production yield. Also, another project you can check off on your to-do list.

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