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Blackmer Pump Cart For Adhesives

November 17, 2021

This mobile pump cart was designed for an adhesives manufacturer that needed to introduce additives and defoamer to an adhesive product. Due to systems already in place, the customer requested a mobile, turn-key solution that would offer minimal setup for integration.

This assembly consisted of a Blackmer SX Series stainless steel vane pump coupled to a Nord gear reducer and Baldor motor. The Baldor motor was mounted on a painted carbon steel cart, which included a Bonomi actuated ball valve with limit switch. A pressure transducer, check valve and stainless steel piping were added. A junction box was wired to the limit switch and pressure transducer on the handle.

The customer was very satisfied with the maneuverability and convenience of the assembly. They were able to easily implement the mobile solution with little effect to current operations.

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