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Blackmer Sliding-Vane “Viscosity Video” Now Available

June 16, 2009

Blackmer Viscosity Video

Grand Rapids, MI – In an effort to visually demonstrate how positive-displacement pumps that feature sliding-vane technology are able to capably handle liquids of varying viscosities, Blackmer has created a “Viscosity Video” for distributor use. The premise of the video is that while Blackmer’s patented sliding-vane technology is well-regarded for its ability to effectively move low-viscosity, thin fluids, the versatile design of sliding-vane pumps also make them ideal for moving liquids with viscosities in the range of 50,000 SSU and higher.
The video spells this out in three distinct sections:
• A review of basic vane-technology principles with a comparison to the less effective principles found in gear pumps
• A visual overview of the various viscosity ranges that Blackmer sliding-vane pumps can handle, from low-viscosity, thin liquids (30 SSU) such as LPG and light fuel oils to high-viscosity liquids (45,000 SSU, or greater) such as heavy motor oil
• A visual demonstration of the effectiveness of vane technology in pumping high-viscosity liquids

At the conclusion, the video shows that the superior mechanical performance of Blackmer sliding-vane technology results in exceptional mechanical performance and 24% greater energy efficiency when compared to gear pumps. Vane technology also performs very effectively in moving high-viscosity liquids at both high and low speeds. In addition, the sliding-vane design delivers superior suction lift and line-stripping capabilities while eliminating the energy-robbing slip and capacity loss that are associated with gear and lobe pumps.

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