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Knowledge & Insights: Case Study

How to Read Positive Displacement Pump Curves

Being able to read positive displacement pump curves is important to determine a pump’s ability to produce flow under several conditions, such as viscosity and differential pressure, which can affect pump performance. It is also vital to understanding what the pump is capable of and how to possibly diagnose issues that arise. The following article […]

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Cooling Skid

Here is a cooling skid we just finished for a customer that is using the skid to cool engine coolant, oil, fuel and air at an engine manufacturer. We are pumping a 50% glycol mixture and cooling it down from 195°F to 133°F at 80 GPM. This was developed for a test stand that is […]

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EMCO Chemical Distributors Realizes the Goal of Opening A New Manufacturing Facility and Blackmer® GX Series Sliding Vane Pumps

See the official PSG article here: Blackmer EMCO case Study – with images In 1967, after relocating to Chicago, IL, from Boston, MA, Edward Polen was working as a salesman for the Big Ben Chemical & Solution Co.

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