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Knowledge & Insights: Centrifugal Pumps

Chemical Treatment Recirculating Skids

Here we helped a customer build a series of chemical treatment recirculating skids that heated and filtered the chemical before it was sent off to the process. The overall system was designed for 75 GPM at 40 PSI. We utilized a Goulds 3756 centrifugal pump, Standard Xchange Plate & Frame heat exchanger, Eaton Filters, Dixon […]

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Gusher 7550 Centrifugal Pumps with WEG Motors

Here are four of seven Gusher 7550 Centrifugal pumps with WEG motors that we shipped to one of our customers. These pumps were designed for a water-based fluid, but the key here is the length of these pumps. They were custom-made to be +84” in length because of a deep tank they were designed to […]

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Pioneer Vacuum Prime Assist Centrifugal Pump Repair

We just finished a complete overhaul repair of a Pioneer Vacuum prime assist centrifugal pump, this was one in a series of pumps getting re-built.  The Prime Series from Pioneer are ideal in situations where you can leave the pump unattended in order to self-prime itself in remote locations.  Examples of this are in agriculture fields, […]

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Blackmer Sliding Vane Pump Assemblies

We just finished a production of “16” Blackmer Sliding Vane Pump assemblies that were designed and built for a manufacturer of automotive chemicals. Vane pumps can be used in transfer applications or used as the main process pump within the manufacturing of a product. Due to their self-adjusting design, self-priming and line-stripping properties, they help […]

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