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Knowledge & Insights: repairs

Pioneer Vacuum Prime Assist Centrifugal Pump Repair

We just finished a complete overhaul repair of a Pioneer Vacuum prime assist centrifugal pump, this was one in a series of pumps getting re-built.  The Prime Series from Pioneer are ideal in situations where you can leave the pump unattended in order to self-prime itself in remote locations.  Examples of this are in agriculture fields, […]

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SIHI Hot Oil Pump Repair

Repair of two SIHI hot oil pumps. The repairs included replacing all of the seals, gaskets, O-rings, shaft, mechanical seal assembly, thrust bearings and radial sleeve bearing. Great work by our repair team to say the least.

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Bell & Gossett Model 1510 Pump Repair

This is a Bell & Gossett model 1510 pump that we completely rebuilt including the mechanical seal, shaft sleeve, gaskets, and bearings. Prior to rebuilding the pump we thoroughly cleaned it including high pressure heated wash and sand blasting as necessary…

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