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Busch RA1600 Vacuum Pump Repair

December 19, 2019

This Busch RA1600 was being used in a vacuum molding application. This unit’s purpose is to draw the molten plastic being injected into the process against the sides of the molds filling the cavity completely ensuring that the drainage tile is fully formed as it leaves the process.


This unit arrived in pretty rough shape visually and mechanically. Upon arrival our technicians checked the pump into our system documenting serial numbers and uploading arrival photos for reference, the pump was then scheduled for teardown.

The technicians can begin to disassemble this unit piece by piece. After the motor is removed, it undergoes several tests including testing of the windings, vibration analysis, and load/amperage test at 480 volts. The motor is then disassembled, details are photographed and the technician documents any items in need of repair or replacement. As a standard all motors bearings are replaced regardless of their condition upon arrival.

Once the motor tear down is complete, the technicians work together to document any other components that may need to be repaired or replaced during the overhaul process. They also document the overall condition of the integral part during this process, including oil/sludge build up, varnishing of components, deterioration of wear items, and mechanical damage such as the scoring/grooving or excessive wear to steel components.


The first steps in the process include cleaning and polishing any machined surfaces that would not require a rework or replacement. Due to the nature if the customers process a majority of the large parts had to be baked clean in a 700-degree oven to remove the resin build up found inside of the unit and baked to the exterior of the unit. The oil cooler was professionally cleaned and flushed to ensure proper performance. Every part was individually sandblasted and repainted to the manufacturer’s specified color.

During the reassembly, every component is set and torqued to the OEM specifications and all clearances are verified at several points in the process. All standard wear items (bearings, seals, vanes, gas ballasts, gaskets, springs, and filters) are replaced on every pump overhauled by Anderson Process regardless of the size or manufacture of the unit.


After reassembly this unit under goes a minimum 4-hour manufacturer specified testing process where all aspects/characteristics and potential running conditions can be explored and documented. Things such as running temperature, vibration, vacuum level, and decibel readings are documented continually through this test ensuring that the repair was successful and the unit is ready for a return to service.

After a successful testing process at our location, this unit was scheduled for delivery back to the customer’s facility at a specified time and date allowing them to prepare to receive it. This overhaul is an example of the standard process that Anderson Process performs on all of its pump repairs regardless of the size/make of the unit or the size of the customer we are servicing.

The overhaul process in total was completed at approximately 30% of the cost of a new unit.

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