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Liquid Blending System

July 13, 2021
Precise control mixing of materials can be a challenging feat. Understanding the chemical compatibility and how the liquid properties will react, blend, and change must be closely monitored. Pictured below are several different pumps and a control system we set up for a customer who needed to meter three liquids: propylene glycol, ethanol, and water continuously batch filling a storage tank by level controls.
The process first starts by calling two Blackmer pumps to transfer the Glycol and Ethanol into the tank and then a Xylem pump is called to move the water. The PLC communicates with the meters to control the speed of each amount to adjust for the correct mixture levels of each substance. The water is controlled by a turbine meter and the Glycol and Ethanol by a Coriolis meter. The controls offered consistency and real-time monitoring which is crucial in these batch transfers to ensure precise mixture levels.
Anderson Process’ experienced staff can help you design and build your unique fluid transfer and blending application. We can help remove the daunting task of selecting the right equipment and determining the environmental variables that affect them.


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