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Right-Angle Gearbox Pump

August 4, 2021

This uniquely orientated pump skid pictured below was designed to solve a couple of issues for a company transferring chemical solvents. Anderson Process mounted this Blackmer Pump on its side with a custom bracket built in-house, which allowed the pump suction to be at the top.  This aided with its ability to drain as the pump intakes from the top and discharges on the left. It was coupled with a right-angle gearbox that reduced the overall footprint.

The customer was also having problems with their pump’s durability. In their facility they pull solvents long distances, leading to cavitation, which destroys elements such as the liner of pump and seals, its ability to drain, and serviceability of a pump. Liquified Gas Pumps includes liners to help with this issue. A curved funnel design, where the area increases exponentially as it moves towards the discharge port, turns vapor back into liquid. As the pumpage moves through the volute it slows down and the pressure increases. This helps balance the pressure on the shaft of the pump, limiting the operational wear on all the components.

Anderson Process worked with Blackmer to take these liners and insert them into this pump. As previously stated, the liner helps reduce the cavitation and turn the vapor back into liquid. This liner can then be replaced when the metal starts to degrade over time, easily returning the pump to a like-new condition. Now Blackmer has standardized the liner on all the XL Pumps.

Creating solutions from our extensive experience of fluid transferring processes makes Anderson Process more than a distributor but a trusted partner. We will help you find the most effective and efficient equipment for your application that will save you operational costs. Your time is valuable, let us handle the challenges that take up a lot of it.


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