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Barrier Fluid Reservoir

February 8, 2021

One of the many reasons mechanical seals may need extra lubrication, include the high viscosity in certain fluids  These pumps and mechanical seals may require the circulation of a clean fluid from an external seal flush. This process lubricates the inner and outer seal faces which separates the pumped fluid from entering the stationary housing where the shaft passes through from the motor. A properly lubricated seal can reduce down-time due to maintenance while keeping pumps up and running at maximum efficiency.

This pressurized Plan 53 reservoir tank circulates royal Purple barrier fluid that lubricates the mechanical seal faces in a custom Anderson Process engineered pump system. Consisting of a Griswold 6×4-13 pump with a 50hp motor that will be pumping an aggressive oil that not only varies in temperature but varies widely in viscosity. To monitor seal health, a pressure and level switch that would be dealing with fluid running from ambient to 450F.


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