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Gear Pump Boosts Facility Chemical Totes

August 31, 2021

A customer was no longer able to buy their chemical supply in bulk, causing them to use smaller totes. This created an issue in transporting the chemical throughout their facility, as the totes had to be stored in a location far from their previous bulk storage tanks and existing pump system. Anderson Process designed a solution to transfer the chemical from the new storage location to the existing bulk storage tank and pumps.

This skid features a Liquiflo H12R gear pump coupled to a 7.5 HP Baldor motor with a WEG VFD Drive. It is used in conjunction with a Blacoh Industries back pressure valve to supply an adequate net positive suction head that was adjusted for the extended distance the fluid would have to travel. It was mounted on a blue powder-coated stainless steel base, manufactured in-house. The WEG Drive is raised on the skid for better accessibility.

Anderson Process’s expert fluid transfer and filtration knowledge continue to assist customers in finding solutions to keep operations running efficiently with significant cost savings.


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