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Duplex Filter Cart

November 10, 2020

Our team recently built this custom cart for a customer that specializes in chemical handling and aerosol packaging.  This duplex filter system is being used to filter a bentonite clay/water mixture in multiple locations, so it was fabricated onto a mobile cart to allow easy transfer around the facility. The cart was assembled with FTI Filters, Marsh gauges and gauge isolators, and Bi-Torq butterfly valves. Not pictured are two 4705 Novaflex hose assemblies that they will use to go to and from this cart.

This customer originally filtered aerosol products (batch) through much more expensive filter cartridges.  Anderson Process audited the applications over the past couple of years to determine if bag filters were a more cost effective way to process some of these batches.  Many of the applications are smaller batches where a #4 size bag vessel piped-in as a replacement to the more expensive filter cartridges was deemed to be a better way to process.  As the customer began to increase some of their product brand offering and move to larger batches, the need to both use larger filter bag vessels and to also make them portable fit the bill for Anderson Process to offer an upgraded solution to our portable duplex filter arrangement.  The larger filter area increases thru-put, production runs, etc.  Duplexing this arrangement also gives them the flexibility to change filters “on the fly” and keep production running as needed, and portability allows for moving the unit from tank to tank.



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