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Ethanol Filter Cart

July 21, 2021

Pictured here is a custom filter cart built for a customer who wanted to remove the smell of ethanol in their facility. Featured on this 2-wheel cart is a Liquiflo Gear Pump with a flow rate of up to 3 GPM. Attached above the pump are 2 Shelco 20” filter housings furnished in 316 Stain-less Steel with Teflon seals.

The pump removes the ethanol smell by transferring the grain alcohol product through the filters at multiple stages. The first stage is a carbon filter, which must be run at a slow rate, around 2-3 GPM, through the carbon block elements. The more the alcohol recirculates through this stage filter the more the “ethanol smell” will dissipate. The final stage is the particulate filter stage, which will clean the fluid of any particulates.

The pump, bracket, and two housing were secured on a cart to allow the system to be moved to each tote, dropping a 10ft chemical-resistant suction hose and discharge hose into them. The system then recirculates the fluid to clean the tote prior to packaging the final product.

Challenging applications are made easy with custom pump and filter skids provided by Anderson Process. Experienced industry knowledge coupled with vast product availability make Anderson Process a premium source for fluid and gas transferring applications. Speak with one of our experts today to address your operational needs.


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