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Knowledge & Insights: General Industrial

How to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum Pump

In many industrial sectors, vacuum pumps are doing yeoman’s work. Often running for several hours per day in some applications and even non-stop for multiple work shifts per day. Vacuum pumps being in operation means several maintenance related issues inevitably will crop up. If the user is not proactive in treating these issues the vacuum […]

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Tuthill/Hypro Oil Filter Skid

This oil filter skid was designed for an industrial refrigeration designer/builder contractor. The contractor wanted to be able to filter oil inline on ammonia compressors and ultimately chose a Tuthill L-Series gear pump to side stream the oil. It’s preferred to have a system that side streams the oil, rather than a system with the […]

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Tuthill Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Repair

A chemical manufacturer’s Kinney (Tuthill) 2-stage liquid ring vacuum pump’s seals were leaking prematurely due to hard water correlated issues at their facility. After exploring some different options with the customer to extend seal life, they opted for us to rebuild the pump to factory specifications. We replaced the wear parts (seals and bearings) and […]

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Mouvex Transfer Cart

We have built a few of these carts over the years for a local Chemical manufacturer, this one that we just shipped out was no different.  The pump assembly is used to transfer and recirculate an Aluminum / Solvent Slurry through a mill to reduce particle size.  This pump was built on a cart so […]

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