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Knowledge & Insights: liquid ring pump

Tuthill Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Repair

A chemical manufacturer’s Kinney (Tuthill) 2-stage liquid ring vacuum pump’s seals were leaking prematurely due to hard water correlated issues at their facility. After exploring some different options with the customer to extend seal life, they opted for us to rebuild the pump to factory specifications. We replaced the wear parts (seals and bearings) and […]

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Travaini Liquid Ring Pump System Overhaul

A sign and banner manufacturer wanted their Travaini liquid ring vacuum pump system they purchased on Ebay overhauled. The system features a single stage, oil lubricated liquid ring pump that is used to pull vacuum through a router table to secure material for various projects. The number of usage hours on the system had reached […]

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How do Vacuum Pumps Work?

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules or air particles from a sealed volume in order to achieve difference in pressure creating a partial vacuum. Vacuum pumps are designed in a variety of technologies based on the pressure requirements and the application it services. When setting up a vacuum pump system, sizing […]

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