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Tuthill Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Repair

May 13, 2022

A chemical manufacturer’s Kinney (Tuthill) 2-stage liquid ring vacuum pump’s seals were leaking prematurely due to hard water correlated issues at their facility. After exploring some different options with the customer to extend seal life, they opted for us to rebuild the pump to factory specifications. We replaced the wear parts (seals and bearings) and replaced all successive leaking seals as needed. The seals will likely not make it through their minimum life span without proper application or having an adequate seal support system in place. In this case, after making the customer aware of their options, they decided to just replace the seals and overhaul as needed.

From meticulous inspection, our factory trained technicians and engineers can accurately diagnose the cause of pump failure and can help prevent future pump failures. Wondering why your pump is no longer functioning the way it used to? Take your pump over to Anderson Process today for an honest assessment and solid recommendations in your best interest.

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