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Mouvex Transfer Cart

October 6, 2020

We have built a few of these carts over the years for a local Chemical manufacturer, this one that we just shipped out was no different.  The pump assembly is used to transfer and recirculate an Aluminum / Solvent Slurry through a mill to reduce particle size.  This pump was built on a cart so that it could be moved around the plant and then used as a backup if a pump went down after hours or they were unable to get another pump rebuilt in time.  This custom pump assembly started with a heavy duty 4-wheel cart with a floor stop.  Then on top of that was a double-bent base to create rigidity for the pump’s alignment.  On top of the base, was a Mouvex SLC8 Pump, driven by a 5 horsepower motor and 2.79:1 gear reducer.  Let us help you build a robust and portable pump solution today.

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