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Knowledge & Insights: Control Panel Case Studies

Custom Skids – Waste Water Treatment

Custom Solutions is a cornerstone of our business.  We regularly create custom solutions for customers, ranging from simple skids for general use to elaborate pump systems that meet the need of very specific applications.  This is an example of one of our larger projects where the customer needed a packaged solution to moving and treating […]

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Pumping/Dispensing Glue System

With our customers input, we helped finish designing and building a system that we just shipped off for startup and final alterations. This system is built for pumping/dispensing glue with built in flow sensors for supply and return, an Eaton automatic self-cleaning filter with pressure transducers on the inlet and discharge to sense pressure, a […]

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Blackmer Gear System

Customer: Waste Disposal Provider Need/Application: Needed to heat a 6,000 gallon tank of glycerin. Solution: Provided a skid unit with a Blackmer Gear (formerly EnviroGear) pump to recirculate glycerin from the tank into both the Standard Plate and frame heat exchanger. The skid also has a electric heater to heat the water with a Xylem pump to recirculate […]

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