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Custom Skids – Waste Water Treatment

February 19, 2020

Custom Solutions is a cornerstone of our business.  We regularly create custom solutions for customers, ranging from simple skids for general use to elaborate pump systems that meet the need of very specific applications.  This is an example of one of our larger projects where the customer needed a packaged solution to moving and treating waste water between storage tanks.

The Application:  The customer needed a comprehensive and efficient solution to recycle water used to clean storage tanks.  The company uses water to clean the inside of the tankers, which subsequently needs to be drawn out, chemically treated in an intermediate tank, and finally transferred to a bulk storage tank for later use.

The Solution:  Anderson Process developed two custom skids to meet the needs of the application.

The first unit has two Gorman Rupp self-priming pumps that pull the waste water out of tankers after the initial cleaning. The skid has basket strainers on the suction side of the pumps to filter out any larger particles, isolation valves, check valves to prevent any back flow, flow meters to determine how much water was pulled off of the tanker, and a pressure switch to protect the pumps from running dry – all set and monitored on the custom control panels built in-house at our Michigan location.  This ensures a smooth and measurable transfer of waste water to the intermediary tank where the water is chemically treated for re-use.

The second (smaller) skid has two Goulds 3656 centrifugal pumps that move the treated water out of the intermediate tank and transfer it to a large storage tank for later use. This skid has isolation valves, check valves, and a level probe that is mounted in the storage tank.The level probe measures the fluid level from the tank and starts/stops the two pumps on the skid based on different set points, giving the customer additional flexibility and control over the volume of fluid being transferred. These set points are displayed on the HMI in the control panel along with the actual fluid level in the tank. Both units also feature custom tig welded pipe manifolds to meet the needs of the application, built here at our Brookfield Headquarters.

All of our custom skids go through an extensive in-house testing process to ensure the absolute highest quality and performance.

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