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Preventative Maintenance

May 7, 2020
Business is slow for many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain productive.  If you have equipment sitting idle due to partial shutdowns, now might be a good time to perform preventative maintenance to ensure they perform as needed when full production returns.  Small investments now can help you avoid significant damage on pumps and equipment when the machines are put into use again.
Things to keep in mind:
  • Rust development in the liquid end can lock a pump up or cause damage to the wet end upon start up (washers, machine tool applications) especially cast or ductile iron construction.
  • Mechanical seal failures can occur upon start up with a pump that has not been flushed, or if it was let sit with product in it.
  • Pumps that have been shut down with product that can set or harden are at risk to failures (this applies to all pump types from centrifugal to air-operated diaphragm pumps).
  • Depending on time, bearings can fail upon restart as well. The roller balls can make impressions on the inner and outer race when static. Similar to long term storage of a new pump it is recommended to spin the equipment (every 1 to 3 months depending on manufacture recommendations) to prevent this.
Concerned about your equipment sitting idle?  We are here to help ensure that it remains ready for action. Contact us today to learn more about our preventative maintenance services.
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