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Mobile Ingredient Pump

April 19, 2021
We custom fitted a 1” Wilden Stainless Steel FDA pump on a heavy-duty stainless steel hand cart with an RTI filter regular and Continental hose for the air input to the pump. This Wilden Full Stroke Diaphragm pump was used to transfer FDA Oils and Ingredients. It was built on a cart to optimize it for portability, easily moved wherever it was needed at different locations within the facility.
These pumps were designed for increased productivity while reducing air and energy consumption, with optimum performance rates of Flow Rates at 15-35 GPM. They are ideal for sanitary applications that require routine cleaning. It comes with Tri-clamp style connections for quick connections. When running dry, there will be little to no damage due to the dry run capability of the design.
We welded the front stand to improve its support when in operation. Anderson Process is committed to providing superior customized fluid handling systems no matter the application.



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