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Water Tempering Skid

April 1, 2022

This water tempering skid was designed for an aerosol and bag on valve filling manufacturer. The manufacturer needed a way to heat up 194 gallons of batch water in their pressurized tank (able to fill 75 cans per minute), so they could test their product can’s integrity at 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water tempering skid (pictured below) we engineered utilizes a 70 GPM pump to recirculate water from the tank end, through a U-Tube heat exchanger, and back into the tank at approximately 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The customer is then able to adjust the temperature on their unit so they can proceed with testing.

Some primary assembly features include a Goulds 3ST SSS Centrifugal Pump, WEG Motor (1.5HP/3500/3/60/230-460/XP), Standard Xchange heat exchanger series B300 Shell & Tube design, Endress Hauser PMP51 pressure switch and XP temp switch, Dixon steam control valves and check valves, and a steel channel base.

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