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Wilden Brahma Pump on Portable Cart

April 8, 2024

This Wilden 3″ Brahma bolted air-operated double diaphragm flap valve pump is mounted onto a cart that is moved around a food manufacturer pumping waste oil from multiple sumps. The customer was worried that large chunks of potatoes or even nuts and bolts could end up in the sumps. We chose the Brahma pump because it can pass large solids as a result of its flap valve design. The pump also has a bottom discharge and top inlet.

We used vibration dampening feet to help lessen movement from the large pump. A Reading Technologies Inc. filter regulator and ContiTech air hose are also mounted to the cart.

Not pictured: 3″ ContiTech ExtremeFlex suction and discharge hose coupled to Dixon Valve cam and groove fittings.

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