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PVC Hose Assemblies

September 13, 2022

Here are some PVC hose assemblies with camlock ends that Anderson Process crimped and assembled for a customer in the construction industry. These heavy-duty hoses are both flexible and durable with a rigid orange helix. The hoses are made for demanding applications and in this case were being used to transfer water on a construction site.

At Anderson Process, we have in-house hose experts who can diagnose what kind of hose will be needed for the vast majority of applications (water transfer, food & beverage, chemical, hydraulic, etc..). We partner with trusted hose manufacturers, including Continental, Eaton and Novaflex to offer a large selection of industrial hoses and fittings for nearly any industrial and sanitary process application. Last, but certainly not least, Anderson Process equipment experts crimp and band industrial hoses for customers and offer hose testing and audit programs to ensure hose safety and reliability for the long run.

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