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Knowledge & Insights: hose maintenance

PVC Hose Assemblies

Here are some PVC hose assemblies with camlock ends that Anderson Process crimped and assembled for a customer in the construction industry. These heavy-duty hoses are both flexible and durable with a rigid orange helix. The hoses are made for demanding applications and in this case were being used to transfer water on a construction […]

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Hose Audit Uncovers Need for Adapters

One of our many value-added services is hose audits and hose management programs.  As part of these services, our specialists conduct an on-site inspection to ensure all hoses are being properly used and maintained, which is crucial to their service life and to reduce the risk of failures in production.  Additional (optional) services of the […]

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Best Practices in Hose Safety

Hose safety often does not get the attention it deserves. Proper hose and fitting selection are critical to the safety of both your people and your profits. If a hose fails in a manufacturing or industrial processing operation, the entire production line becomes compromised, putting expensive equipment, product and lives at risk. Choosing the right […]

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