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Hose Audit Uncovers Need for Adapters

September 22, 2021

One of our many value-added services is hose audits and hose management programs.  As part of these services, our specialists conduct an on-site inspection to ensure all hoses are being properly used and maintained, which is crucial to their service life and to reduce the risk of failures in production.  Additional (optional) services of the program include On-site/In-house hydrostatic pressure testing certification, Employee training programs, Hose identification/color-coding system options, RFID hose tracking options, and data-driven recommendations for improvement.

As a result of a hose audit for one of our customers, it was determined that 45-degree and 90-degree adapters would greatly increase the life of their hoses. Dixon Valve was able to provide ‘male x female’ cam and groove elbows to meet this need.  However, the customer also required ‘female x female’ elbows for a significant number of hoses, which is an uncommon adapter not offered by many manufacturers.  This would be a dead-end for many distributors, but we had the in-house capabilities to build the part in-house.  Below are a few of the ‘female x female’ adapters that Anderson Process delivered as a solution.



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