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Knowledge & Insights: industrial hose

Hydrostatic Hose Testing

We recently installed a new hose crimper at our Cleveland location. This enables us to hydrostatically test our hose assemblies in-house and offer on-site hydrostatic hose testing services. We wanted the ability to test hoses in-house and on-site to duplicate our other locations’ hose-manufacturing capabilities. Here we built a 500 PSI hydrostatic hose tester with […]

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Finding the Best Chemical Hose for Your Application

Choosing the right chemical hose is essential for industries that handle a wide range of chemicals and hazardous substances. Whether it’s in manufacturing, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, or other sectors, the safe and efficient transfer of chemicals relies on selecting a hose that can withstand the specific demands of the application. However, with several options available […]

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Custom Hose Saddle Solution

We are solutions oriented here at Anderson Process and always consider what’s best for the application and the customer. A food and beverage customer was using a crane to lift a large 4” hose, and the hose would, unfortunately, kink at the lifting point. After repairing the hose assembly after a hose failure, we fabricated […]

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Finding the Best Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Hose for Your Application

Selecting the right food, beverage or pharmaceutical hose is a critical decision for businesses operating in hygienic industries. The right food and beverage hose choice will safely convey liquids, ingredients and maintain hygiene during cleaning processes. However, with a myriad of food and beverage hose options available, the selection process can be challenging. Factors such […]

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PVC Hose Assemblies

Here are some PVC hose assemblies with camlock ends that Anderson Process crimped and assembled for a customer in the construction industry. These heavy-duty hoses are both flexible and durable with a rigid orange helix. The hoses are made for demanding applications and in this case were being used to transfer water on a construction […]

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Resourceful Steam Hose Solution

Some applications can be more challenging than others and require creative solutions. With over 50+ years of experience in the fluid technology field, Anderson Process has the knowledge and resources at its disposal to provide unique solutions for persistent issues. Our customer had an FDA-rated steam hose that descended from a unit to clean the […]

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How to Properly Crimp an Industrial Hose Assembly

Hose crimping can provide a safer, more reliable hose assembly than many other hose fitting attachment options. Ensuring you are taking the right steps to crimp your hose properly is of the utmost importance in regards to safety and system function. Follow these steps for proper hose assembly: 1. Select the hose, fittings and ferrules […]

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2" Novaflex Hose

Novaflex Hose for Chemical Transfer

Hose selection is critical to not only production output reliability, but also to user/environmental safety. Anderson Process’s comprehensive line of hose assemblies and hose fittings, combined with our maintenance-tracking and reconditioning support services, help our customers realize consistent and safe material containment, movement, and transfer. Pictured here are 2” Novaflex Red Uni-flon Composite hoses with […]

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Best Practices in Hose Safety

Hose safety often does not get the attention it deserves. Proper hose and fitting selection are critical to the safety of both your people and your profits. If a hose fails in a manufacturing or industrial processing operation, the entire production line becomes compromised, putting expensive equipment, product and lives at risk. Choosing the right […]

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