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Knowledge & Insights: Hose & Fittings

Hydrostatic Hose Testing

We recently installed a new hose crimper at our Cleveland location. This enables us to hydrostatically test our hose assemblies in-house and offer on-site hydrostatic hose testing services. We wanted the ability to test hoses in-house and on-site to duplicate our other locations’ hose-manufacturing capabilities. Here we built a 500 PSI hydrostatic hose tester with […]

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Finding the Best Chemical Hose for Your Application

Choosing the right chemical hose is essential for industries that handle a wide range of chemicals and hazardous substances. Whether it’s in manufacturing, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, or other sectors, the safe and efficient transfer of chemicals relies on selecting a hose that can withstand the specific demands of the application. However, with several options available […]

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Finding the Best Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Hose for Your Application

Selecting the right food, beverage or pharmaceutical hose is a critical decision for businesses operating in hygienic industries. The right food and beverage hose choice will safely convey liquids, ingredients and maintain hygiene during cleaning processes. However, with a myriad of food and beverage hose options available, the selection process can be challenging. Factors such […]

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Apple Concentrate Pump Modification

We are first and foremost, customer centric and solutions oriented here at Anderson Process. Check out this Wilden FDA Series pump that we modified for a customer. The customer was pumping apple concentrate out of 55-gallon drums into a holding tank and wanted to be able to unload two 55-gallon drums simultaneously to be more […]

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Wilden Pump / Reelcraft Hose Reel Cart

We recently built two custom pump carts for a local customer that manufacturers cleaning and sanitation chemicals.  They wanted to minimize the amount of pumps needed and create a flexible solution for transferring chemicals from totes to a mixing tank to be blended for their customer’s specific needs.  The pump carts needed to have a […]

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