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Apple Concentrate Pump Modification

December 9, 2022

We are first and foremost, customer centric and solutions oriented here at Anderson Process. Check out this Wilden FDA Series pump that we modified for a customer. The customer was pumping apple concentrate out of 55-gallon drums into a holding tank and wanted to be able to unload two 55-gallon drums simultaneously to be more efficient. To accomplish this challenge, we modified the suction manifold on the Wilden FDA pump to keep each side of the pump separate. If the manifold was left unmodified, using a tee with 2 hoses and dip tubes to proceed with the pumping process would be a big problem. The problem being when one drum was empty, both sides of the pump would draw air in from the empty drum. This would result in the pump only pumping air and not the product. Having separate wetted chambers allows one drum to be emptied and switched to a new drum while the other wetted chamber keeps pumping. Also included with this assembly are (2) custom made dip tubes and (2) 10’ long suction hoses (not pictured).

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