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Anderson Process Stationary Hydrosieve

March 27, 2023

For dewatering and screening wastewater, look no further than Anderson Process’ stationary hydrosieve. The Anderson Process stationary hydrosieve features solid, stainless steel construction and product dewatering technology that separates liquids from solids. The hydrosieve screen, constructed of stainless steel bars and a triangular cross section, is engineered to use the velocity of the flow to remove dirt, wastewater, and other substances, leaving only the solid food product. Once the solid food product passes over the screen, sans moisture and dirt, it departs the front of the unit and enters the next stage in the processing sequence. Recapturing products, such as beans and vegetables from washing, chilling, or rinsing flume water are some common uses of the stationary hydrosieve. The stationary hydroseive can also perform a rough screening process of process water and remove food waste like stems, peels, leaves and other waste of similar ilk. Featuring a convenient, tilt-out screen for easy cleanup, the stationary hydrosieve is relatively easy to maintain and it’s quiet operation provides one less distraction for the operator.

Checkout the video below of an Anderson Process Stationary Hydrosieve in action, effectively removing carrot waste out of process water and separating pickles from liquid and debris:

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