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Blackmer Gear’s Between-the-Bearing System

Two Blackmer Gear (formerly EnviroGear) E series pumps featured on this skid have unique superior design features to allow longer life cycles then other mechanically sealed or seal-less internal gear pumps on the market. What creates this distinct feature, the Between-the-Bearing System, a specially designed spindle that protects the rotor and idler gear from hydraulic […]

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Shelco Filter Skid

Why water filtration is crucial to energy production?

When it comes to energy production, water plays a crucial role. Used as the main cooling source, it is a critical component in how these complex systems operate. Organic and inorganic substances in water create dissolved solids that along with other pollutants can cause buildup and corrosion. High-quality filters with high micron filter media, that […]

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Powder Coated Base with sand-blasted

The Advantages of Powder Coating

Industrial pumps and equipment operate in some of the most extreme working conditions. Over time certain physical impacts, moisture, chemicals, and ultraviolet light can cause corrosion and deterioration of parts, resulting in at worst a breakdown or at best a beaten down appearance. To combat this process Anderson Process offers powder coating finishes to skids […]

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B&G Heater Cart

Often times, when creating, transporting or using chemicals, they require a great deal of care and they must follow strict guidelines. Finding the right equipment to handle such toxic and hazardous material is paramount to maintaining safe and accident-free conditions. A customer needed to keep antifreeze circulated through the tankers to keep the chemical from […]

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Blackmer pump skid

Blackmer HXL8G Pump Skid

We built a custom skid for a customer who needed to pump asphalt, a hot and aggressive material. Systems that handle these types of materials need to be able to handle unplanned disruptions in the system in regards to temperature and viscosity. Featured on this skid is a Blackmer 8” HXL sliding vane pump, a […]

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