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B&G Heater Cart

March 9, 2021

Often times, when creating, transporting or using chemicals, they require a great deal of care and they must follow strict guidelines. Finding the right equipment to handle such toxic and hazardous material is paramount to maintaining safe and accident-free conditions.

A customer needed to keep antifreeze circulated through the tankers to keep the chemical from freezing during downtime. Previously the customer would leave their trucks running leading to major operational inefficiency and overall increased costs. Anderson Process built a mobile pump cart, featuring Bell & Gossett pump with an electric heater. Hooking a hose to the heating coil in the tanker and recirculate the antifreeze. A control panel included to monitor proper temperatures and flow control.

This customer was so thrilled with the new temperature management solution they ordered a second one. At Anderson Process our goal is to deliver high performance solutions and ultimately ease of mine because when it comes to your operational processes you need the right equipment to keep your business running smooth.

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