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Chlorine Tank Refurbishment

We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers, even when the project is just for show.  One of our customers wanted to remodel the front entryway at their corporate headquarters.  They asked us to refurbish an old chlorine tank to be used as a display piece. We accomplished this project by […]

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Gusher Pump with AES Seal Pot Skid

A customer involved in providing environmental and agronomic systems needed a recirculation pump for their process. They handle chemicals and fuels that can potentially be hazardous if contaminated, so they required a reliable solution that would reduce the risk of fluid contamination. We engineered this Gusher pump with AES seal pot as a solution to […]

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How to Properly Crimp an Industrial Hose Assembly

Hose crimping can provide a safer, more reliable hose assembly than many other hose fitting attachment options. Ensuring you are taking the right steps to crimp your hose properly is of the utmost importance in regards to safety and system function. Follow these steps for proper hose assembly: 1. Select the hose, fittings and ferrules […]

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