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Roots Blower Repair

Pictured is a Roots 68-URAI rotary lobe blower for a leading producer of cement and other building materials. The customer brought us several of these units that needed repair, hoping to save money instead of having to buy brand new units. However, the units were in poor condition, with most needing major parts to function, […]

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Tuthill/Hypro Oil Filter Skid

This oil filter skid was designed for an industrial refrigeration designer/builder contractor. The contractor wanted to be able to filter oil inline on ammonia compressors and ultimately chose a Tuthill L-Series gear pump to side stream the oil. It’s preferred to have a system that side streams the oil, rather than a system with the […]

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What is a Rotary Vane Pump and How Does it Work?

Choosing the right positive displacement pump can be a challenging endeavor. A rotary vane pump maybe the right choice depending on the application, media and environmental circumstances. What are rotary vane pumps and how do they work? Check out the article below on the ins and outs of rotary vane pumps. What is a Rotary […]

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