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Hose Audit Uncovers Need for Adapters

One of our many value-added services is hose audits and hose management programs.  As part of these services, our specialists conduct an on-site inspection to ensure all hoses are being properly used and maintained, which is crucial to their service life and to reduce the risk of failures in production.  Additional (optional) services of the […]

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Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps

Last month we discussed the internal operation of reciprocating pumps, one of two types of positive displacement pumps. This month we will analyze how the other type of PD pump – rotary pumps. Rotary pumps have rotating gears instead of the backward and forwards motion of cylinders like reciprocating pumps. In some cases, they can […]

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Fluid Fill Bowser

Gasoline Bowsers

Do you have a unique fluid fill process that needs to be addressed? We’ve shown other Fluid Fill Bowsers before – most recently a Windshield Washer Bowser. The one below is a Gasoline Bowser with a Wilden Pump and Engineering Air-Operated Double Diaphragm pump. This double diaphragm design will ensure precise amounts of gasoline are […]

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