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2" Novaflex Hose

Novaflex Hose for Chemical Transfer

Hose selection is critical to not only production output reliability, but also to user/environmental safety. Anderson Process’s comprehensive line of hose assemblies and hose fittings, combined with our maintenance-tracking and reconditioning support services, help our customers realize consistent and safe material containment, movement, and transfer. Pictured here are 2” Novaflex Red Uni-flon Composite hoses with […]

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Goulds Booster Pumps for City Water

Plant Water Pressure for Food Manufacturer

This custom skid features three Goulds Water Technology e-SV pumps designed to boost the flow of city water into production rooms for a food manufacturer. During the Summer months, the water pressure would drop significantly, and the customer had trouble providing consistent flow to the far side of the facility. This was especially problematic when […]

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Mechanical Seal

5 Ways to Maintain Mechanical Seals

The often-forgotten and crucial component in a pump system is the mechanical seal, which prevents fluid from leaking into the immediate environment. Leaking mechanical seals due to improper maintenance or higher-than-expected operating conditions can be a hazard, housekeeping issue, health concern, or even an EPA issue.  It is important to implement practices and conditions to […]

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