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Plant Water Pressure for Food Manufacturer

June 14, 2021

This custom skid features three Goulds Water Technology e-SV pumps designed to boost the flow of city water into production rooms for a food manufacturer. During the Summer months, the water pressure would drop significantly, and the customer had trouble providing consistent flow to the far side of the facility. This was especially problematic when several tank drops were all calling for water.

This booster system provided water for all their processes at a constant rate and flow no matter where in the facility it was needed. The system allowed operators to interface controls with Allen Bradley Logic so that they could integrate it with the existing systems.

Goulds Water Technology Vertical multistage end-suction pumps feature stainless steel impellers that have flows up to 2500 GPM with heads to 380 feet. Heavy-duty, close-coupled in-line mounted vertical pumps orientation is designed for space-conscious applications like this where multiple pumps could be lined up without taking up too much floor space. Picked for this application as well for their performance efficiency in water transportation with irrigation and municipal water.

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