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Liquiflo System

October 19, 2017

Customer: Power Plant

Need/Application: Customer was using 2 peristaltic hose pumps to meter water into a burner stack for pollution control with a third pump as back-up. This then made them have to change the hoses about every 5-6 weeks of use and had no way to control the water into the pumps. That was a big problem.

Solution: Built a unique Liquiflo system that was designed with metering gear pumps and a small hold tank. The skid included:

  • 3 Liquiflo pumps
    • 2 run system/1 for back-up
  • Pumps on VFD’s
    • Completely controlled through their control room
  • Water tank
    • On/Off fill
    • Lower level
    • High level alarms
  • Piping of all pumps so they could run to either system

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