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Advanced Mixing Technology

One of our customers needed a solution to a 10-year-old mixing issue that was driving up operation costs in their facility. The process involves producing a water/polyvinyl acetate emulsion mix that is used as a bath for premoisturized fabric to be coated. The fabric coating requires an extremely consistent mix, and their existing equipment was […]

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Ampco Pharma Pump Skids

These are two portable Ampco pump skids built for a pharmaceutical and cosmetics contract manufacturer. They feature Ampco ZP1-060 pumps, along with Nord gear reducer, and a WEG motor mounted on a stainless steel cart with a WEG washdown VFD. Anderson Process continues to be a reliable service provider to many manufacturers throughout the Midwest. […]

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7 Fun Facts About Pumps

Many people may not realize it, but fluid pumps play an important role in our daily lives.  They have a long history and can be attributed to many modern advancements that we take for granted today.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some fun facts about pumps that most people might not […]

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