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Centrifugal Pumps

What Applications are Ideal for Centrifugal Pumps?

THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF PUMP USED FOR TRANSFER OF FLUIDS Centrifugal process pumps are one of the most common pump types used in industrial processing applications because they’re engineered to be low-maintenance, easy to operate and highly efficient. The fact that centrifugal pumps are the most popular choice for fluid movement makes them a […]

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How To Prevent Pump Cavitation

WHAT IS PUMP CAVITATION Cavitation is not a new phenomenon that impacts a pump system, but it is an issue that occurs far too often. It occurs when air bubbles are generated inside a pump because of the partial pressure drop of the flowing liquid, resulting in a tiny air bubble. The air bubbles move, […]

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STAMPED – Choosing The Right Hose For Your Application

Proper hose and fitting selection are critical to the safety of both your people and your profits, thus why the S.T.A.M.P.E.D. acronym was created. The STAMPED acronym is an industry-wide standard that should begin every conversation when selecting a hose for a new application. STAMPED stands for: Size, Temperature, Application, Material, Pressure, Ends and Delivery. […]

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What Exactly Is A Positive Displacement Pump?

Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps work by trapping a fixed amount of fluid, then displacing or forcing it into the discharge pipe. PD Pumps are engineered to use a reciprocating,┬árotary or diaphragm method to move a variety of fluids. These pumps are most commonly used for pumping viscous liquids and those that contain fragile solids. PD […]

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