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Standardizing with Ampco Pumps

November 16, 2020

These Ampco ZP Pump Skids were built for a Dairy / Cheese Manufacturer that Anderson Process has serviced for many years. The skids are for an expansion in the facility, and are duplicates of pumps we have previously built for the same company as they continue to increase production.

Over the years we have been improving pump reliability by providing rebuild services and routine repairs through our shop and remanufactured pumps with Ampco. We have helped the customer standardize their pumps with ZP series PD pumps, standardized drives, and special adjustable low-profile standardized bases. They have also standardized on Ampco C+ series centrifugal pumps with stainless steel motors for their new production lines.

Anderson Process continues to be a reliable service provider to many manufacturers throughout the Midwest. Contact us today to learn how we can support your production process and improve your bottom line with the most reliable products & service in the industry.

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