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Mouvex Pumps Moving Chocolate

September 8, 2020

Here are some pumps that were built for a food production facility, they are using Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pump assemblies for pumping Chocolate and Flavorings.  The order consisted of 8 pumps total, ranging from an Mouvex’s largest SLS Series pump, the SLS36 that is designed for up to 158 GPM, down to their model SLS12, which is designed for just over 50 GPM.  The pumps were all fitted with Jacketed heads to keep the Chocolate/Flavorings at a consistent temperature. They were built on 304 Stainless Steel bases, with adjustable feet, Baldor washdown duty motors and Nord Gear boxes.

The advantages of the Mouvex Eccentric Disc pumps include a seal-less design (eliminating waste), ability to line strip, self-prime, short dry-run capability, precise dosing and consistent flow rate on shear-sensitive liquids.  While meeting FDA, 3-A, EHEDGE, CE, and other requirements for the food and beverage industry.

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