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Fluid Transport and Storage Solutions

April 14, 2020

Anderson Process has recently worked with another customer to solve their fluid transport and storage needs.

Challenge: The customer was looking to move from drum and tote delivery of ethyl acetate to a centralized storage system.

Solution: Anderson Process provided them with 2 outdoor 5,200 gallon double walled tanks and 2 indoor 500 gallon double walled day tanks. Tanks were stainless steel inner with carbon steel outer with Flameshield. As part of the project, Wilden transfer pumps were utilized along with an automated tank monitor that would actuate the pumps and transfer product from the outdoor storage tank to the inside day tanks. Along with pumps and tanks, all emergency vents and overfill protection monitors, level sensors, and leak detection were provided. AP brought in a mechanical contractor and worked with them to design the system and perform the install, piping, and permit procurement.

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