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Finding New Uses for Continental Fortress Hose

May 29, 2020
Finding New Uses for the Continental Fortress Hose!
One of our long-time farming customers has used Continental Fortress washdown hose’s for years. The durability and abrasion-resistant cover had been a perfect fit for the harsh environment of farming applications, and the working pressure and chemical compatibility was more than enough to meet their washdown needs.
Comfortable with the performance and reliability of the Fortress hose, the customer wanted to see if it could also be used to customize their farming equipment. They needed hose to convert a standard corn planter into a cucumber planter, which required transportation and injection of a liquid fertilizer blend along with the seed. The only question was whether the Fortress hose, normally used with water and cleaning chemicals, would be compatible with their fertilizer blend.
Anderson Process worked with the manufacturer to confirm that the hose was indeed compatible, and provided the customer with 225’ of Yellow Fortress hose to convert their corn planter into a cucumber planter. The #ContinentalHose was an ideal solution to converting their equipment.

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