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Custom Oil-Heating System

December 4, 2020

Here is a custom skid our team built for a customer that specializes in sustainable packaging.  The customer needed a way to control the temperature of oil in a tank for use in their manufacturing process.  To accomplish this, our team custom-engineered a skid using an assortment of fluid handling components from some of our top suppliers.

A Goulds Water Technology e-SH pump was used to transfer the oil from the tank through two Standard Xchange heat exchangers and back into the tank. One of the heat exchangers was for heating and the other for cooling. The skid had two 2-way air actuated ball valves and two 3-way air actuated ball valves from Assured Automation to direct the flow of the oil, cooling water, and heating water though the system. The unit also includes manual butterfly valves from Bi-Torq to isolate different parts of the system for maintenance, and Dixon Valve for the pressure gauges and temperature gauges. Finally, the skid included ports for the customer to install their own pressure transducers and temperature transducers as they continue to handle the automation and controls of the system.

The end result is a stand-alone heating skid that fits in the small space required by the customer.  Our ability to design and fabricate this skid to their size requirements was an additional benefit to their process.

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