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Looking Back – Anderson Process and Blackmer Collaborate to Deliver Blackmer GX Series Pumps

April 16, 2020

In 2014, EMCO opened a new large-scale terminal facility that needed efficient, low-maintenance pumps. Because of the critical nature of these storage areas, it was imperative for EMCO to identify the right brand and style of pump that would be used to unload railcars of raw materials and load totes, drums and IBCs with finished products. For the answer, EMCO turned to its long-time distributor partner, Anderson Process.

After an evaluation of the facility, materials and technical requirements, Anderson Process recommended the GX Series Sliding Vane Pump from Blackmer®.  Together with Anderson Process and Blackmer®, they were able to implement Blackmer® GX Series Pumps throughout the entire facility, improving operational efficiency and reliability in their process.

Watch the video below, read the full case study, or Learn more about Blackmer®

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